Edward Burne-Jones



A romantic evening of words and music inspired by Josceline Dimbleby’s discovery of the secret love of Edward Burne-Jones and May Gaskell.


  Maggie Cole                                  Julia Gooding



Through the exquisite and often humorous letters from Burne-Jones to his last great love, May Gaskell, the audience is invited into a perfumed world of romantic idealism. Burne-Jones admired the female voice as much as the beauty of the female form, and was deeply moved by May’s singing. In The Artist’s Muse readings from his letters to her are juxtaposed with music by composers close to their hearts - Haydn, Schubert, Schumann, Mendelssohn, Scarlatti, Caccini and others.

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Maggie Cole, piano and harpsichord, Julia Gooding, soprano, and John Rowe as the voice of Edward Burne-Jones.
Introduced by Josceline Dimbleby.

Entirely Captivating
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A lifelong curiosity about her beautiful great aunt Amy who, according to family legend had died young “of a broken heart”, led Josceline Dimbleby to discover hundreds of passionate love letters, forgotten for generations in a cousin’s house, from Edward Burne-Jones to Amy’s mother, May Gaskell. Finally, after seeing for real the haunting portrait Burne-Jones had painted of Amy, and his enchanting drawings of May, Josceline was moved to tell their mysterious story in her book A Profound Secret.

An engrossing portrait
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